Discover our Ecosystem

Often recognized as the smartest square km in Europe, our campus is built around an ecosystem of 235 companies with a range of application fields. Home to over 12.000 innovators, researchers, engineers that create the technologies and business of tomorrow. We defined 5 key areas in which we as a campus together with our residents orchestrate and lead the development of technology. 

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Discover our Ecosystem
Company overview
Health & Vitality

Products and services that focus on higher quality of life or healthier lifestyle


Energy related applications for diverse markets

Software & Platforms

Focus on “the network effect” and creating a platform experience

Applied Intelligence

Self learning, data driven products and services

Smart Environments & Connectivity

Intelligent networks that interact and make autonomous decisions

Office Spaces

Are you interested in accelerating your business at High Tech Campus Eindhoven? Do you need office, lab or industrial space for your engineers, staff or management? Even for just one month? We can help you! We offer spaces from 20m² till 6.000m². There are several options at the north- or south side of the Campus in a small sized building, medium sized building or even a new building.

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Our Initiatives

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is more than a collection of great office buildings. The connections that are made daily result in a vibrant ecosystem in which several initiatives play a major role. These initiatives are started having in mind that collaboration between disciplines helps to stimulate success and innovation. We create opportunities for the creativity and diversity of smart people in the following initiatives.

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Upcoming events @ HTCE

365 days a year, roughly 250 working days a year. On average we have 500 events per year, that means on average 2 events per day! Organized by ourselves and many others, we have something for every taste. You can join a wide variety of events, including workshops, large conferences, sports events or inspiring presentations. Have a look and find an event matching your interest to be surprised and meet new people.

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